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Kudos to ExpressVPN.  They have joined the growing number of VPN services like SlickVPN that offer multiple protocols to address the fact that not every user is concerned about having the highest level of security for every transaction.  Naturally, if a more secure connection were not slower, then most every user would opt for the highest level of security and the deepest level of encryption.  But there are always tradeoffs, and ExpressVPN pays their users the compliment of assuming they understand this by offering PPTP (least secure, fastest, Microsoft-centric); L2TP/IPSec (slower than PPTP, may already be vulnerable to NSA, can struggle with firewalls, but more secure than PPTP); SSTP (very secure; bypasses most firewalls; integrated into Windows; but CANNOT BE INDEPENDENTLY audited– not open source); and the default initial protocol, OpenVPN (most secure, with ephemeral key exchange, despite concerns about potential tunnel breaches, but slow).


ExpressVPN has what they call a “wide range” of servers in 97 cities, in 78 countries, in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  The reason “wide range” is in quotations is because, while the number of servers must be at least 97 to match the number of cities, the fact is that ExpressVPN will not disclose the actual number of servers “due to security reasons.”


Compatability is a big calling card for ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN be configured for PCs, smartphones, iPad, other tablet devices, and Routers. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS users can all utilize ExpressVPN, though the level of security may vary– ExpressVPN has an Andoid app, but it only uses OpenVPN and L2TP protocols.


The software for ExpressVPN may only be downloaded after payment is made. However, the tutorials once the software has been installed are very good and simpify initial set-up and use of ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN, like IPVanish, touts its “24/7” customer support.  Also like IPVanish, ExpressVPN users note that the reality of this is not always forthcoming with timely solutions.  Other users, to be fair, have noted response times in less than a minute and patient forthcoming advice.


Monthly plans, half-year plans, and annual plan as low as $8.32 per month.  Multiple payment options, including the elusive DISCOVER card!  No free trial, but a 30 day money back guarantee– longer than the 7 days offered by other VPN services

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