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What is VPN?

The Virtual Private Network or VPN is a way for you to connect your computer to a VPN provider before in order to access the Internet privately and securely. Providing better security, the VPN is a way of encrypting data over public networks.

Providing a great anonymity, your Internet history, data, downloaded files will all show as coming from another source other than your computer and IP Address.  VPN provides an anonymous identity for you since all of your Internet traffic goes through the VPN server. Any website you visit will only be able to see the information for the VPN server.

Why do I need a VPN?

Using a VPN has many advantages.  Here are some of the top reasons we think VP is the way to go:

  • Public Wifi Safety.  With Public Wifi being such an easy way for privacy to be compromised the VPN will keep you safe and secure
  • Identity and data are all protected when using the internet
  • Geo-Restricted sites like Twitter, Netflix and Hulu will be accessible with a VPN
  • VPN will keep your physical location as well as your IP Address private
  • VPN can allow you to bypass government or business censored sites.
  • While at work you can unblock websites.
  • With a webmaster unable to see your IP address, you can truly post anonymous comments
  • All of your downloaded and shared files will be anonymous
  • VPN blocks the swarm from seeing your true IP address allowing BitTorrent use to be anonymous
  • Want to speed up your Youtube, Torrents or Netflix speed.  A VPN will allow you to avoid throttling from your ISP

How hard is it to set up a VPN Connection?

With user-friendly desktop applications and a few clicks to start, connecting to a VPN server has never been easier.

With millions of people using mobile devices to connect to the Internet, the VPN providers have even created Android/IOS Apps making it as easy as can be to get onto a private network no matter where you are.

Where are the locations of the VPN servers?

They do not call it the World Wide Web for no reason. Wherever in the world there is an Internet connection, there can be a VPN server.  Any VPN Server that is recommended by TopTenVPN will have servers in a minimum of five countries over three continents. There are VPN’s out there with servers in over 50 countries like Hidemyass and IPVanish.

What is the cost of a VPN?

With advances in technology, functionality combined with the increase in popularity, more and more people are using VPN.  This has brought pricing down as little as $3.00 to $12.00 per month.  Everything varies depending on how long you subscribe to the VPN or what additional features you may opt to include with your VPN subscription.

Price can always effect the decision of what VPN service to use.   Look for our list of some good quality VPN services that offer pricing perfect for a limited budget.

What is a VPN Log?

Some VPN Providers may keep logs for their internal records about their customers.  With privacy being the entire reason for a VPN, the logs are most of the time kept because a country may require it by law, or for technical support or troubleshooting purposes.  The United States of America does not have laws requiring a VPN company to keep a log.

These are the two types of VPN Logs:

Connection logs:

Connection logs are logs kept to keep basic information like incoming/outgoing IP address, number of bytes for data that was transferred, and timestamp and duration connections.

With troubleshooting as the primary reason to keep connection logs, there is never enough information to compromise the actual identity of the user, especially if the VPN is using shared IP Addresses.

Usage Logs:

Usage logs keep more detailed information like the websites that you have visited and even details on the files that you have downloaded. Keeping Usage logs is extremely common with regular Internet providers in the USA and Europe, which is why VPN has become so popular. Any VPN recommended by TopTenVPN will not keep usage records.

Is a VPN Fast? Can it slow down my Internet connection?

VPN’s that do not keep Logs:

To give you an idea, 100 users can download 10 Megabits per second simultaneously with only 1 gigabit of bandwidth.  TopTenVPN only recommends sites top reputable VPN providers that offer a huge amount of available gigabits.  There are some variables that can affect the speed of the VPN:

TopTenVPN have found VPN services that do not keep any logs at all.  Some of the top choices would be Torguard and IPVanish.  We have compiled a list of the top Anonymous providers.

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