TorGuard VPN Service Review- Torguard VPN Service


Smart marketers know that a product that offers a “Unique Sales Proposition” have an advantage in the marketplace.  This is true even when the “USP,” as the marketing cognoscenti call it, is basically an invented advantage.

TorGuard touts itself as a VPN service with particular features attractive to the BitTorrent audience, and even though there is a BitTorrent specific package, what TorGuard really does is join the growing number of VPN services with varyling levels of security like those offered on SlickVPN.  This is a good thing for those users sophisticated enough to realize that military grade security comes at a price, usually speed of operation, and that a lower level of security may in fact be all that is needed for the security of the activity at hand.

If an individual user is concerned mostly about basic peer-2-peer file sharing privacy on a BitTorrent protocol, they may well find that TorGuard’s Socks5 http may be enough.  With access to over 100 servers, and traffic routed through a few dozen IPs over 4-5 different countries, the users identity is masked to all but the most well-equipped and determined snoop short of an entity represented by 3 letters in their name.

TorGuard’s Anonymous VPN service is a full VPN privacy package, however it is still aimed at the BitTorrent crowd with unlimited bandwidth, 5 device configuration, and variable protocols such as PPTP, 256-bit OpenVPN and L2TP protocols for varying security.  The service is easily configured to sites like uTorrent, Vuze, and more.

Better yet is the VPN Router store, with brand name routers pre-configured for TorGuard so privacy doesn’t have to be wired.  Want AppleTV, Android TV, Boxee, Buffalo, and more with VPN security?  TorGuard can do it.

Best yet is the completely log-free offshore operations.  The only information collected is personal information at sign-up for marketing and billing.

Pricing for the BitTorrent proxy starts at $5.95 per month, $9.95 per month is the starting price for the Anonymous VPN service.  Multiple month and annual discounts available which can bring the Anonymous VPN service below $5.00 per month– a serious price point discount over other services.

Customer service may be one reason that TorGuard is able to maintain a lower price than some competitors.  The question must be posed:  what good is having an online chat available if it no one is ever available online to man it?  User reviews have mentioned lack of response or very late response to email inquiries.  The good news for most users is that the online content is very good, including set up guides for all platforms including mobile, Skype, TV boxes, and more.

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